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neikie reno




I am an experienced model/brand ambassador. My specialty and what I love to do lies in greeting & speaking with clients and customers alike. My vibrant personality and natural curly red hair tends to attract people. I am a salesperson by nature and learn the ropes of the companies I am representing pretty quickly. I always go the extra mile in every area. I listen, learn, follow directions well, and always execute when needed. I have a knack for leadership, and always make everyone feel comfortable. I have managed, as well owned my own small business. I understand completely the importance of a positive customer experience, as well as leadership rolls. No job is too big or too small for me. My strong suit lies in Black Tie events, high customer service, and leadership rolls.



Summery of Qualifications


High Level of Customer Service

Highly flexible and enthusiastic

Proficiency in using MS Office Applications (Word, Excel, Outlook)

Ability to comprehend, listen, learn and retain information

Ability to lead others

Capable of working as a Team Player

Understand the Value of a Positive Customer Experience






Team Lead,  Larabar

Reasonable for scheduling, picking-up product, picking locations to execute, submitting all      re-caps at the end of each shift. Set up and Tear down for Expos events, problem solving.




Producer for Grand Openings,  Kirkland Home Stores

Reasonable for getting room arranged for Grand Opening, getting employees prepped with the knowledge for grand opening, preparing all gifts bags & raffle bowls for drawing, placing the interior decorator in her location, preparing Caterers for theirs positions, pulling names for raffle winners, sending photos throughout event to post to social media and to show progress of day, helping where needed throughout event. Making sure scheduling of the day is progressing smoothly from morning shift to afternoon shift.



1999-2015           •                Verizon Wireless, Soldier Field, Chicago, IL

                              •                Bodhi Spiritual Center Annual Gala, Chicago, IL 

                              •                Eagle Defense Gun Safety Video, Tampa, FL

                              •                Home and Garden Trade Show, Fayetteville, NC

                              •                Horseshoe Casino Promotional Events, Hammond, IN

                              •                IRCE Trade Show, Chicago, IL 

                              •                Kings Grant Golf & Country Club Promotional Events, Fayetteville, NC

                              •                Larabar Promotional, Chicago, IL 

                              •       Promotional Events, Hopemills, NC

                              •                Palmer Johnson Boat Show Promo Model, Fort Lauderdale, FL

                              •                Smirnoff New Logo Launch Party, Chicago, IL

                              •                Stingray Boats Cover Model & Boat Show Promo Model, Fort Lauderdale, FL

                              •                Salesforce Trade Show, Chicago, IL  

                              •                Pasta Chips Taste of Chicago, Chicago IL 

                              •                Tallgrass Talent Group, Chicago IL 

                              •                Kirkland Home Décor Grand Openings for Midwest Division 






July 2015

"BASSET" Certified



Lisa’s School of Charm & Modeling, Quincy IL




Reference upon Request

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